“The Boy Who Wants To Fly”

This article appeared in the Swindon Advertiser on Friday 7th July 2017.

A multi-tasking musician from Swindon is celebrating the release of his second album after teaching himself how to play several instruments and produce his own record.

Paul Lappin grew up in Swindon, went to St Josephs comprehensive school and studied graphic design at the old art college before working in advertising agency EMO for five years when it was based in Old Town. After continuing as a graphic designer in Bristol for more than a decade, he became a snowboard instructor in Canada for eight years before an unusual set of circumstances gave him the inspiration to become a musician.

The 46 year old explained: “One of my colleagues in Canada inherited a house in the south of France from his father and he asked me to house-sit – I didn’t have to think very long about it. When I moved to France, living in a hamlet surrounded by vineyards, a local musician at my French language class loaned me a lot of his instruments when I mentioned that I was starting to write songs. I had to learn pretty fast but I really enjoyed it and I can now play lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, tambourine and bongos. He’ll probably want them back soon… I bought an electric guitar from Holmes music last week and it’s the first instrument I’ve ever properly owned. I’ve always enjoyed spending time on my own and been a bit of a hermit so it was very easy to move somewhere so isolated in France.”

Paul still returns to his home town now and again to catch up with his friends and family. He said, “A lot of my school friends are still here. They think I’ve retired. It’s all quite odd to them. The title track on the album “The Boy Who Wants To Fly” is about my school years as I was never very good at the academic stuff. I was always more into creative subjects but that wasn’t very encouraged back then.”

Although he’d never had any musical ambitions before, he quickly went to work on the second album shortly after recording the first one, as ideas for new songs kept on coming. Paul added: “I have the melody in my head and I know what I want, I just have to figure out how to play it. I’m not an expert but I can play well enough and it did come surprisingly easy. I always find the lyrics hardest to write, it’s like baring your soul. Hopefully people will like the music.”

While music is his passion project, he still teaches snowboarding every Winter and draws artwork on cards to sell at the local French market. His album “The Boy Who Wants To Fly” is available on iTunes, Spotify and Deezer, with limited edition physical copies available from Paul’s Bandcamp page. Daniel Angelini.

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